Heartland Broadcasting Network
Troubleshooting and FAQS

Software Requirements
All of our programs can be openned with Windows Media Player.
High Speed Internet Access is a must!

Also, please be patient for a few minutes while the program loads. The files are rather large as they are full length programs.

Question: The program is buffering and won't play.

Answer: Be sure to press the "PLAY" button. Sometimes Media Player attempts to download the entire file before playing, this can cause buffering. Also be aware that the speed of your internet connection can cause buffering in media files.

Question: My computer is attempting to download the file instead of playing it.

Answer: This problem usually occurs with Windows XP and Vista. For XP Users, open Windows Media Player and select "Tools" then select "Options." Select "File Types" and select each file type. Hit "Apply" and close.

For Vista Users, hit the "Start Button" and select "Default Programs." In the left hand pane select "Windows Media Player" and on the right select "Choose defaults for this Program." In the new window hit "Select All" then "Apply" and close out.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us here.

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