Heartland Fisher of Men Partners

What's the Program?

Pastor John's desire is for people to become FISHERS OF MEN! Generally speaking that means getting HOOKED ON JESUS! People need to know you can worship God everywhere. An avid fisherman, Pastor John loves to combine his passion with Christ and the actual sport of fishing in his program called "FISHING WITH THE PASTOR." Within this media scope we are able to attract those who would not necessarily watch a preacher or "Christian Program," thus allowing Pastor John to hook them into the message of Christ.

Because it takes finances to produce, edit, & air time, we have started a Monthly Support System we call FISHER OF MEN PARTNERS. Those who would like to support the program with their financial support we list as sponsors. Not only on "FISHING WITH THE PASTOR" but our main media program "THE PRAISE REPORT with Pastor John D'Alesio". Pastor John has been on television since 1991 with "THE PRAISE REPORT." What God has done, to, through and with that ministry is amazing. But it takes the love, prayers, and financial support of our friends and partners to keep the message going. We have a burden for everyone to hear the message of God's love and the best way is through media.

Pastor John believes that if the disciples were alive today they would use every tool possible to spread the Message of God. Not everyone can be on TV or have a platform but we are all called to help spread His Word.

So FISHERS OF MEN is just that. All of us putting our "not enough" together to make it, "more than enough." Our goal is to touch more and more souls, not only getting them saved, healed and delivered, but staying saved, healed and delivered, their lives changed for the better, forever. Religion is rules and regulations. Christianity is the simplicity of the Gospel. Pastor John truly brings this message home with the media ministry.

If you would like more info on becoming a FISHER OF MEN and hooking up with us please call DeLila at (407) 922-3456 or (snail) mail us at Heartland Christian Center: P.O. Box 680307 Orlando, Florida, 32868.

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